Inspection and Heat Treatment

SDL Nobel operate a full range of Inspection and Heat Treatment services as part of its fabrication process.

SDL Nobel are able to develop and deploy inspection solutions using precise, remote and mechanised techniques. Specialist and intrinsically safe inspection techniques include:

  • CCTV, video recording and editing
  • Endoscopes and borehole scopes 
  • GPS mapping, imaging and data records
  • Radiological contamination detection
  • Radiography, ultrasonic, MPI and DPI
  • Coating wet and dry film thickness
  • Infrared imaging and recording
  • Hydrostatic and dynamic testing
  • Mechanical testing services
  • Spectrum and chemical analysis

We are also able to organise full heat treatment services ranging from simple pipe-work, sulphur melt out works to very complex vessel, columns and weldments. Our range of services includes high velocity fuel fired heat treatment services, temporary furnace heat treatment, refractory dry out and curing through to thermal stress analysis and thermal engineering.